Custom Work

Face Factory Fx

Steps to ordering a custom mask.

​1. Ideas and Discussion

​It starts with a message on Etsy or PM on a social networking site. Most people tend to share a reference photo or two and explain what they are wanting. Also discuss how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

​If I have enough information. I will give a completion date and estimate right away. Some times I will have to clarify some aspects of the inquiry first either in practical level or conceptual.

2. Order Placing 

The order does not officially get scheduled until the 50% deposit has been made via Paypal/Etsy. If it takes you longer to make the deposit we can not guarantee that you will get the same ship date as estimated.

3. Scheduling and details 

So I schedule the work on the project. I ask for address and any other relevant information. After I start working on your mask. I will keep in touch and send updates. When the project is finished. I'll send the images for your approval before we ship.

4. Shipping 

After your approval I will send the invoice.  The item will shipped as soon as it has been paid, then we can stay in touch until you receive your mask.

You can also order mask off the Etsy store. Just click the button and it will take you to the online Etsy store.